I have become more optimistic for the survival of our race than I was a year or two ago. In any event whatever comes in our wake may one day marvel at our achievements in art, music, philosophy and science and though it may be that homo sapiens is but a short chapter in the life of the cosmos, our contribution to the evolution of sentient life has been and may continue to be enormously inspiring for our descendents and future cousins.

I had pondered long and hard about a new support group for the band back in 2003. The Stand, which assisted The Enid to our greatest achievements during the 1980's is no longer relevant.

Drawn on contemporaneous archive material and three recorded interviews with Robert John Godfrey.



The Stand was set up in the mid-eighties by The Enid as a radical alternative to the normal, industry-dominated mechanisms of record production, distribution and promotion; as a way to pursue their musical goals free of the sort of commercial and artistic pressures which inevitably accumulate around the creative artist. The course The Enid charted over the years has by turns baffled and angered the music press, who usually preferred to ignore them, or at best to treat the band with extreme caution. The same Robert John Godfrey 1983can be said for a clutch of major record labels. Yet on the street, The Enid’s audience was always been there for them.

The Enid have never been a rich band. Their following was substantial, but not huge. The independence the band has achieved within the industry was bought at a formidable price - they did not have access to the sort of promotional and distributional muscle which most signed bands enjoy - and maintaining that independence remains to this day a costly and difficult business.

enidi ritual




"My Prey is The Flock and The Enidi is the pack with which I hunt.
The Enemy is The Shepherd and his pastures are our realm."


"My flock is my life - The Wolf is my architect and my cause. My life belongs only to him.
He is my reflection and weare bound together by a common hunger.
The only real enemy is in my own appetite for his power."

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