I have become more optimistic for the survival of our race than I was a year or two ago. In any event whatever comes in our wake may one day marvel at our achievements in art, music, philosophy and science and though it may be that homo sapiens is but a short chapter in the life of the cosmos, our contribution to the evolution of sentient life has been and may continue to be enormously inspiring for our descendents and future cousins.

I had pondered long and hard about a new support group for the band back in 2003. The Stand, which assisted The Enid to our greatest achievements during the 1980's is no longer relevant.

 Yet  clearly this partnership between the band and its fans will need to continue now there is after all going to be another chapter.

These were my early first thoughts about the future of  The Stand - The Band - The music and most of all - All of you whose lives I may have touched. And now those thoughts have come to fruition.

When one door closed in 1988 it seems another opened somewhere, somehow in the future. After many false dawns, the time has come to begin again- to set aside The Stand and become The Enidi. (Pronounced "ee-knee-dee"): With the meaning; The Tribe of Enid  - Followers of The Muse.

As Humpty Dumpty so famously said, 'When I use a word,  it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less". Thus The Enidi.  - This fledgling new organisation is to replace The Stand as the main totem and focus of The Enid's activities.

ThreeIn the past, things were very different. But now I am not fighting the system anymore - there is no need - There is nothing for The Enid to fight - no more naughty record companies in my way - the nuclear weapons still deployed east against west which worried us all so much in the eighties no longer seems to cause the anxiety it used to do. CND has virtually no profile compared with that of the cold war days. Now the dear old British public are stressing over other issues.

Although I won my war with EMI, for what good it did me, I did not win against Mrs Thatcher . The damage she did to our society is all around us to behold - in our streets and public places - in our homes and in our hearts. Furthermore, there is probably nothing governments can do which can make much difference - the milk is spilt and now we have to live with the mess. Her legacy will haunt us for generations to come as our society continues to lose its cohesion. Yet I do not blame her for who she was - she was a response to a call.

We get the politicians we elect:  - the leaders we deserve.  And so we inflict the consequences of our political negligence and selfishness on future generations who in turn get the politicians they deserve for similar reasons.

ariseandshineI know there are many current issues which are as difficult as those of the 1980's but not all of them are for me - others will fill any gap which may be left by my unwillingness to contribute to the debates concerning the lesser issues of our time. Banks - Politics - Wars - Chavs - Celebrities - School Teachers - Binge Drinking - the list is endless.

Now, I have become more concerned about  things like quality of life - of how to cope with doubt and uncertainty  - the future of the planet - our place in the Universe and the nature of our consciousness. Where God fits in? 

All of us will now have to try and live in this increasingly frightening world and find happiness in spite of our fears. And what is happiness? Is it some aspired to state of being or is the answer more simple. Is it just this - that all we need is a reason to be happy and then we are happy?

World events play like a chess game - there are no moral or ethical considerations and it is silly to use such considerations when discussing them. A suicide bomber is not a coward; nor is he brave. He just "is": A response to a provocation which itself was a response to a provocation.

In a seemingly never-ending cycle of the human condition, one nation simply responds to the move of another who in turn is responding to some previous move. As each world leader contributes a couple of moves and disappears off the scene we  stumble onwards to our inevitable distant demise.

It is in this world of self inflicted pain that I now find myself and the time has come for me to make up my mind where it is that I fit in to it. I am going to leave the protesting and the arguments to others and concentrate on bringing beauty where there is ugliness. Sensibility where there is only cynicism and even love and compassion where there is fear and hate. For I have learned the hard way where desire and thwarted dreams lead.


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