The coming changes to The Enidi and the series of Enidi social events planned over the summer.

Taking Stock - What and who is The Enidi for?

To give expression to a community of people who have been brought together through the music of The Enid over the years for the benefit of each other and the band.

Change is Coming

Robert and Jason are determined to transform the ethos of The Enidi. Once the band's presence on Patreon platform is established, The Enidi will move from being a potential source of direct financial support for the band and become a self-funding mutual organisation for the benefit of all.

Patreon:  A source of funding for little people with big ideas

The “Big Arts” and Community Projects get big funding through sponsorship and state aid. Patreon has come into being to help people like Jason and Robert who do not get this type of help.

patreon logo

We all like Patreon because it reaches a much larger group of people who are not necessarily fans of The Enid but might support the band’s life because they are dedicated creative artists working in a field that has little commercial value. Furthermore, there are many in the world who just don’t "do" fan clubs but want to support the arts.

Shortly I will be writing to all of you with our proposals to reform The Enidi and the launch of The Enid on Patreon.

See below our plans for the remainder of the year.

Best wishes

Duncan McLaughlan

Enidi Secretary


Summer Parties at The Lodge - July 28th and Aug 25th.

2 pm ‘til late

Lodge SpacesSummer Party Ticket July 28th 2018 500

Plenty of room to mix, mingle and spread out...

  • The Blue room (Household living room),
  • The Green Room, (Band Recording Studio)
  • The Roof Garden
  • Conservatory
  • RJG’s music/sitting room
  • Both Kitchens

Quality Buffet to suit all tastes prepared by RJG and friends

Food and Drink

  • Soft drinks, bottled beers, reasonable wines
  • Tea coffee 


  • Informal music making and demonstrations
  • Talk by RJG on the Enid's compositions.
  • Conversation on all fronts in all parts of The Lodge

Tickets £25 per head

Maximum of 30 people on a first come first served basis

If you would like to come to either or both of these parties, tickets are available here.

Curry Nights at The Lodge

September 29th (Jason’s Birthday) and December 8th (End of Year celebration)

Curry Nights are fundraising events to enable The Enidi to promote two flagship concerts a year.

A shared supper with the band for up to 10 people seated around a single table in The Green Room

 Food and DrinkCurry Night Ticket Sept 29th 2018 500

  • 3-course Menu
  • Soft and alcoholic drinks
  • Cooked and served by Robert and Jason


  • Intimate live performances from RJG and Jason
  • No holds barred Q and A with the band

Tickets £75 per head
Maximum of 10 people on a first come basis.


Online Booking: Go here (our prefered method)

Booking by Email: Send a message with subject “Summer Events” to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating which event(s) you would like to attend. A place will be reserved for you if available subject to confirmation and payment.

Booking by Telephone: +44 (0)1604 473722 and ask for Max, Duncan, Jason or RJG




Chilli King Prawns
Chicken Tikka
Lamb Tikka
Vegetable Samosas
Papadoms, Chapatis & Chutney


Mutton Curry
Fish Curry (Cod Loin)
Chicken Jalfrezis
Vegetable Thali
King Prawn Tandoori

Side Dishes:

Plain Rice
Pilau Rice
Taka Dahl
Bombay Potato
Sag Aloo
Naan Breads (various)
Cucumber Raita


Traditional Indian Sweets served with either Ice Cream

Welcome to the Enidi's brand new website at (note you are not at!). Your username, password and personal information from the Enid site have been copied over to the new system, so you can still log on in the same way. We're still working on the content, but expect to have lots more to see as time goes on. We've been listening to your feedback and will be featuring the live streams from our new Wednesday live Facebook sessions amongst other things.

Please note that the site is still under construction and that some sections may not work properly. However, some of you will be pleased to note that the Enidi Player has been reinstated. Just browse through the "History" section and you should find that every album has a "Play" button once you're signed in.


Paypal Subscription Cancellations

All Paypal subscriptions are linked to the website upon which they were created and this cannot be changed for security reasons. Because of this, we have cancelled all the existing automatic subscription payments. This does not mean that your membership has expired! Your membership will be active until the anniversary of your last payment, at which time you will receive an email inviting you to rejoin. We're sorry for the hassle, as I know that some of you have joined recently, but we wanted to ensure that we kept everything secure and on the level.


How to Re-Join

We've tried to make this as simple as possible. Once you log in to,  "My Enidi Account" will appear at the top right of the screen. Click this and you will see the option to renew your membership. While you're there, please take the time to check that we have your name and address details registered correctly so that we can send the annual gift when it's ready.

I hope this all makes sense. If not, you can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01604 25168 and I'll help you out.



* This page contains additional content exclusive to The Enidi. To view, please log in, or join up.

Join The Enidi Now

This was the free Enidi gift for 2017.

"In our 2015 festival review we marked The Enid out as one of the bands of the weekend, and also noted that in their new singer, Joe Payne, they have a personality to ensure they survive the eventual departure of founder Robert John Godfrey. Their 2016 set will be one of Godfrey’s last, and is similarly engrossing, although on this occasion feels less like a coherent work and more a collection of tracks, mostly taken from their recent catalogue. Opening with two tracks from this year’s Dust, Payne addresses the audience and is seemingly newly politicised. ‘Who Created Me’ taken from Invicta, follows an unexpected dedication to the Tories. ‘1,000 Stars’ continues the lyrical theme set out in ‘Leviticus’, dealing with nationalism over a military snare and trumpet fanfares." Echoes and Dust

* This page contains additional content exclusive to The Enidi. To view, please log in, or join up.

Join The Enidi Now

As you may already be aware, the full team here at the Lodge have been working quietly on our new project, converting the green room into a fully functional streaming studio. This means you can expect to see us and friends working, writing, performing and discussing what is on the horizon as we venture forwards. In addition, RJG will be making guest appearances.

We will be coming to you live from the Lodge this Wednesday evening and every fortnight following for the foreseeable future. Streamed to your PC, mobile, tablet or smart-TV and sound system from the band’s rehearsal studio in Northampton via our Facebook page.

We were going to be broadcasting every Thursday but please take note, it will now be broadcast on Wednesday.



This is the perfect time to let you know about one of our new compatriots, Jarrod Elks, who you can expect to see this Wednesday, performing with Jason and myself. He has only just begun playing with us but is an extremely talented musician and very excited to be on board.



Tune in at 7 pm on Wednesday 8th November on our Facebook page  and come join us in our home as we perform for you.

In case you are not already, please join us on Facebook and Instagram to hear and see more regular updates on what we're up to!

P.S. Any queries surrounding Enidi subscriptions will be dealt with immediately if you could please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you ever so much for sticking with us through this transitional period (feels like we've been transitioning forever!) but your support has been crucial to us getting through it and we now feel we are on the rise again.



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