As you may already be aware, the full team here at the Lodge have been working quietly on our new project, converting the green room into a fully functional streaming studio. This means you can expect to see us and friends working, writing, performing and discussing what is on the horizon as we venture forwards. In addition, RJG will be making guest appearances.

We will be coming to you live from the Lodge this Wednesday evening and every fortnight following for the foreseeable future. Streamed to your PC, mobile, tablet or smart-TV and sound system from the band’s rehearsal studio in Northampton via our Facebook page.

We were going to be broadcasting every Thursday but please take note, it will now be broadcast on Wednesday.



This is the perfect time to let you know about one of our new compatriots, Jarrod Elks, who you can expect to see this Wednesday, performing with Jason and myself. He has only just begun playing with us but is an extremely talented musician and very excited to be on board.



Tune in at 7 pm on Wednesday 8th November on our Facebook page  and come join us in our home as we perform for you.

In case you are not already, please join us on Facebook and Instagram to hear and see more regular updates on what we're up to!

P.S. Any queries surrounding Enidi subscriptions will be dealt with immediately if you could please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you ever so much for sticking with us through this transitional period (feels like we've been transitioning forever!) but your support has been crucial to us getting through it and we now feel we are on the rise again.


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